Below you can find the links to fill out the pre-enrollment form to take part in the 3rd edition of the Italian Guitar Campus.

Pre-enrollment is necessary to plan the organization and activities of the Campus; however, it is not binding for the purposes of the final registration. The form must be completed and sent by April 15, 2018.

Once we receive your data, you will be contacted for the final confirmation of your participation and will be informed on how to make the payment for the registration (before May 15th) and for the Campus (before July 15th).

Fields marked with a red asterisk are required. If all fields are not filled in, the form can not be sent. Once the required fields have been filled in, the appropriate button will appear to send. The system will automatically send you a copy of the form on the e-mail you have indicated.

If the participant is underage, the form must be completed by a parent. In this case the e-mail and telephone references must be those of the parent, while the personal data must be of the participant. The parent of the underage participant will be sent at a later time a further form to fill out.

Before enrolling you must read the rules you will find on this web site. The double rooms are limited in number. It is advisable to book early.

Registration will become effective only after payment of the relative fee with methods that will be communicated via email and on the web site.

Access the online pre-enrollment form